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good things about college

I could remember when i got my letter of admission from my College, the happiness, the vibe to start going back to school, the joy of being a student, i found fun facts about college and everything. Wasn’t it the way you felt?

Now, i want to tell you about the amazing good things about College life/fun facts about college:

1.The Independence:

There is this joy that comes from being outside home from the disturbance and duties of your parents. Outside home, you are totally free, you can go to anywhere you want, you can even travel abroad without the consent of your parents.

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I feel this joy…

That’s the joy of being independence. For me, this is the most amazing good thing about college life because once you are independent, you can do anything you want to do. One other thing about independence is the ability to pursue your dreams, and do what you love to do.

2. Less Charge:

Have you noticed that you are charged less for services as a student. That’s the advantage of being a college student. Once you are out of school, you don’t have that advantage again.

This is one of the bitter fun facts about college…smiles.

You are charged less because you are recognized as a student and that you have limited money.

3. New Friends:

good things about College

Friends are the fun of college. You meet friends that have liked minds with you.

Let me burst your Brain…

In fact you will meet different types of friends, the good ones and the bad ones. The good ones will be very few but try you best to get close to them because they will add value to you.

The bad ones – I always tell people around me, “bad friends are not far-fetched, they are the people around you”. So, all you have to do is to sort the people around you and remove the ones that are not adding value to your life.

One thing about friends is that you will understand that nothing lasts forever, so make the most of your friends so that you can always be remembered for good.

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4. You get access to News about Scholarship:

School environment is conducive for getting news on scholarship updates because you have friends that want to also apply. So, they will inform you and you can apply too. If you are not in college, you will find it difficult to get news about scholarships and how to apply.

5. You will meet like Minds:

fun facts about college

Any field you are passionate about, be it dancing, music, writing, any field at all, you will find someone that is into it and can help you grow your talent.

Like i explained earlier, you will get discount on growing your skills because its your fellow student that is teaching you but if you are not a student e.g Graduate, it will cost you more. One thing about meeting like minds is that you will find people that balance their lives well, they don’t let their schooling interfere with their education. That’s the fun of college life.

6. You will find good Mentors:

You will get to meet professors that can mentor you in all rounds of life, for instance in Leadership, Character and excellence. A mentor is someone who will lead you through your hard times in school. A mentor can be professor, a fellow student or a counselor.

7. Starting a Business:

A college is a cool place to start up anything you want to do. Sometimes your parents might be against it, but in college, they are not there, so you can start any business but try and not let it interfere with your academic life.

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8. Your friends are close to you:

fun facts about college

The closeness of your friends is an important thing in college. When you have a problem in college, you will have someone to talk to, someone that understands how you feel and someone that can assist you in times of need.

Yummy Yummy Together with friends

Have you eaten together with your friends? How does it feel? Its fun right?its one of the fun facts about college. You will get to taste a lot of different and funny foods. From foreign dishes to local dishes.

Conclusion on the amazing good things about College:

I must tell you the truth, College is fun… Its really fun if you have a 360 degree lifestyle, you will really enjoy fun facts about college. A lifestyle that balances academic life with social life well in college.

Don’t be a triangular student, but try to express yourself in all round.

Thanks for reading. Share this to someone that might need it.

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